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Collaborations & Commissions

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"In the year 2050" with 
Awa Ndiaye

Imagine that 50 years from now, your grandchild gets to learn about the year 2020. What story do you think would be told?
For many of us, 2020 has felt quite apocalyptic, at times, but might there be something other than the fear, the anxiety and the injustice? In this poem, I take you on a journey to explore the very real difficulties overshadowing many lives in 2020, but also to look out for any glimpses of hope, before bringing you back inward.

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Illuminated Manuscript for the theatre production "A Woman's Prize" by Arianna Stucki, Directed by Sebastian Grube

A Joint-Capstone, directed by Sebastian Grube and written by Arianna Stucki, A Woman’s Prize is a 30-minute play that utilizes song, Old Irish, and immersive storytelling. This play asks us all to consider an alternative narrative in which women reclaim and reshape their mythologies, remembering the female names and stories lost to history.

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