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Projects & Commissions
Illustrations for the Anthroposphere

Anthroposphere: The Oxford Climate Review is an award-winning interdisciplinary print magazine founded at Oxford University and open to students from around the world. We cover climate change and the environment through the lenses of natural science, economics, policy, politics, literature, pop culture, and much more. 

Graphic Design for the Linacre College Ball

Linacre College ball is a highly anticipated annual event hosted by Linacre College to University of Oxford Students.

Illustrations for the Cardenio Issue on Electra Street

Electra Street is a journal of the Arts & Humanities published at NYU Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The journal serves as a forum for arts and humanities work produced in the NYUAD community.  Founded in part as a response to the dynamic and transformative energies that characterize Abu Dhabi as a cultural hub, Electra Street draws attention to the physical, artistic, intellectual, and expressive journeys (or paths) undertaken by members of NYUAD as they produce and map the many nodes and networks of artistic and intellectual production in the university and city.

Graphic Design for Towards New Futures collaborative workshop

The "Towards new futures " collaborative workshop aims to ask important questions such as: what system or way of living would we change? What future should we work towards and build?