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Photography Project with Kamilya Issaliyeva

Born and raised in West Kazakhstan, Kamilya is graduating from New York University Abu Dhabi with a double degree in Political Science and Film & New Media.

She found her passion for film after being introduced to a small Kazakh cassette store where she ended up spending most of her childhood watching movies across different genres and discovering her fascination with the art of cinematography. She started in conceptual and fashion photography and later acquired hands-on experience in filmmaking as she worked as an Art Director and Line Producer for independent student films at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Tisch.


Illuminated Manuscript for A Woman's Prize by Arianna Stucki, Directed by Sebastian Grube

A Joint-Capstone, directed by Sebastian Grube and written by Arianna Stucki, A Woman’s Prize is a 30-minute play that utilizes song, Old Irish, and immersive storytelling. This play asks us all to consider an alternative narrative in which women reclaim and reshape their mythologies, remembering the female names and stories lost to history.

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