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Archive: 2020

In 2020, my work began to shift toward free-flowing form and abstract imagery, reflecting the tension of freedom and confinement during the pandemic.

Phases. 2019/20

Phases is a pre-pandemic series of work that experiments with the interaction between water and color, drawing inspiration from natural elements such as the moon, wood, and the solar system.

Paths. 2020

In Paths, free-flowing lines are used to create a meditative composition with emerging shapes, where each line represents a breath taken.

Contours. 2020

Similar to Paths, contours is a set of meditative pieces that were created later in 2020.

Distortion. 2020

Distortion was inspired by the distortion of time, relationships, and human contact during the pandemic. The distorted and fragmented human forms and shapes reflect the disorienting and unsettling experience of the separation I experienced through the pandemic.